Transition Margaret River

Community beginnings 2011

Transition Margaret River had its roots in a coming-together of people interested in progressing sustainability projects in the Margaret River District in 2011. About 70 enthusiastic people from all walks of life met in Blue Ginger Cafe to exchange ideas about how to make Margaret River if not a transition town, a greener, more sustainable town. There are now over 150 people receiving the Newsletter.

Who we are

The group, now called Transition Margaret River, is affiliated with the Environment Centre (Margaret River) and includes representatives of several pre-existing groups including the Organic Garden volunteers, the School Farm, the MR Permaculture group, Slow Food, and Fair Harvest, as well as several landscape gardeners and other individuals with diverse interests in sustainable living, building design, energy, conservation and more. Transition Margaret River is part of the Transition Network Initiative, founded in Totnes by Rob Hopkins. See a recent article from the Australian Social Work journal (vol 66:2 2013) .

Transition MR places a monthly blog on the Transition Network based in  England, where you can also find back issues of our Newsletter. On this YouTube link  you can hear Rob Hopkins, founder of Transition, talk briefly about what Transition means to him and why it is important.  Check out our status on

In December 2012, there was a gathering at Tingrith  of all transition towns in the SouthWest and Metropolitan area, and they still maintain informal contact, ., especially Bridgetown Transition  , Transition Kwoorabup Denmark and Transition Town Guildford  A new one Mundaring in Transition,  is just forming and you can find it on Facebook.

In 2013, Transition MR was influential in refining Council regulations on Street verges, to encourage  native plantings and edible verges.

The next meeting will be a film evening at Fair Harvest, 426 Carters Road on January 29th  2014  6.30 pm. Bring a drink, your own glass and nibbles to share if you would like to.

RiverLETS system (MR) 

With Saul Bellows, Shelley Cullen, Stephen Morgan, Transition MR has successfully revived the LETS (Local Exchange Trading Scheme) system. RiverLETS is an inclusive community network that recognises the wide range of skills and talents in our community members. These skills are often under-valued in today’s economy, but are highly valued in a LETSystem. Everybody has something (or many somethings) to offer.

Monthly meetings

Transition Margaret River meets on the fourth Wednesday of each month, usually in the Community Resource Centre meeting room. Everyone is welcome to come along and share ideas in a friendly atmosphere.  It is hope to have a film evening four times a year in 2014..

Transition Margaret River produces a monthly newsletter about its activities, relevant events and courses in the region. You can contribute material to the newsletter  or have your name placed on the mailing list through And I think I’ve just worked out how to connect to it through this website! Enjoy!!!

tmrnewsletter1 jan14

tmrnewsletter2 jan14


Transition Margaret River Newsletter Issue 21, January 2014

People to contact with any inquiries are

Felicity Haynes
Sally Wylie
Jodie Lane
Lyn Hellier
Peter St Clair-Baker

To join our email network or provide  news or diary dates, please email
Karen Majer










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  1. Oh yay…..but I were on that side of the ocean! I’m so thrilled to see what focus, generosity, and knowledge you’re sharing!
    Have fun…I’m inspired to follow suit from the States…much love, Sue of Ithaca! 🙂

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